Gua Sha & Thai Herbal Poultice Organic Facial

This is the ultimate facial treatment which combines Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques with organically farmed herbal poultice to warm the muscles, fascia and lymph and bring the body into balance. Gua Sha increases the blood flow and nourishment to the neck and face. Gua Sha directly targets tension trapped in the neck and facial muscles and connective tissues. It releases accumulated waste and helps restores mobility and optimal flow of blood, oxygen, lymph and nutrients. Gua Sha brings healing to common areas of concern: puffiness, dark circles, deep lines and wrinkles, blemishes, redness, sensitivity and tight muscle tension. 

We also provide Gua Sha as a stand-along facial, facial series or combined with other treatments.

$155 I 60M

$175 I 75M

Dr. Vodder Facial & Lymph

This lymphatic treatment begins with a facial analysis and a gentle enzymatic peel to reveal the healthy hydrated skin. Once the peel is complete, the MLD neck, face and head sequence will be used to increase the lymphatic flow, helping speed up the body's natural process of removing waste through our lymphatic system. 

MLD is a hands-on treatment technique that uses a series of light rhythmic strokes to reduce pooling of excess tissue in the fluid and improves the return of lymph to the circulatory system. (more information is available on MLD tab)

$175 | 75 min


Organic Facial 

This customized facial is designed to address your unique skin concerns and bring the skin back into balance.  Each facial treatment includes a relaxing and restorative massage for your arms, hands, décolleté, face and neck.  Organic essential oils and hydrosols are used in all treatments.

$120 | 60 Min

$145 | 90 MIN

Glow & Go

The Glow & Go package was created in response to client requests for a “mini treatment.”  This treatment utilizes enzymes to revitalize the skin and is followed by a hydrating and brightening mask. Glow & Go is perfect for the client who has regular facials and body work or who wants some added hydration and vitality for a special event. While this may be a place to start because of your pocket book, we encourage you to consider that massage and stimulation of the lymph from neck and face is ideal for healthy skin. But if you have never had treatments before, we can definitely start here.

$85 I 30M

Upgrade your Treatment

Add any of these services to your facial

Crystal Free Microderm I $25

miccrocurent I $25

MLD 30M I $35   

LED 20M I $25

Find more information about MLD and LED treatments on this site.