Gua Sha & Thai Herbal Poultice Organic Facial

This is the ulitimate facial treatment. Combinding Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques using organically farmed herbal poultice’s to warm the muscles, facsia and lymph to bring the body into balance and optimal health for your skin. Incresaing the blookd flow and nourishment to the neck and face. Gua Sha is an effective massage modality that directly affects the connective tissue and muscles to helping to untangle and iron out the facia that is bound with tension and traps accumulated waste from stressors of daily life. It helps unwind the tissue restores mobility and create space for the optimal flow of blood, oxygen, lymph and nutrients. Gua Sha brings attention and healing to areas of concern; puffiness, dark circles, deep lines and wrinkles, blemishes, redness, sensitivity and tight muscle tension caused by stress that are deeply held the tissue and memory of the muscles. 

$155 I 60M

$175 I 75M

Dr. Vodder Facial & Lymph

We will begin with a facial treatment by evaluating your skin, cleansing and preparing for a light enzymatic peel to remove any dead skin to reveal smooth soft and hydrated skin. Once the gentle yet effective peel is complete I will begin the MLD neck, face and head sequence to increase the lymphatic flow, helping speed up the body's natural process of removing waste through or lymphatic system. 

MLD is a hands-on treatment technique that uses a series of light, rhythmic strokes to reduce swelling and improve the return of lymph to the circulatory system. (see full page description on MLD tab)

$155 | 75 min


Organic Facial

A personalized customized facial designed to address your unique skin concerns including products from ilike Organics from Hungary. Focusing on bringing the skin back into balance through exfoliating enzymes, hydrating and corrective masques. Each of my facial treatments include a wonderful relaxing and restorative massage for your arms, hands, decollete face and neck. In all of my treatments I use the Organic essential oils and hydrosols.

$120 | 60 Min

$145 | 90 MIN

Glow & Go

Utilizing organic enzymes to revitalize the skin followed by a wonderfully hydrating and brightening mask. This treatment is perfect for the client that has regular facials and body work or maybe has a special event to attend and would like to get some added hydration and lift. I created this at clients request who would like to come in for a service but want to focus solely on the skin. My approach is that we need to massage and stimulate the lymph from the neck and face to achieve the ideal healthy skin. If you’ve never had treatments before we can definitely start here.

$85 I 30M

Upgrade your Treatment

Add any of these services on to your facial

Crystal Free Microderm I $25

miccrocurent I $25

MLD 30M I $35   

LED 20M I $25

There are full page descriptions of MLD and LED treatments.